Online Casino Games with the Best Payout Odds

Choosing online casinos games that have the best payout odds. After many tests multi-hand video poker has excellent payout odds. As for online slots with the best payout odds, this is more difficult, as sometimes they are hitting very good and other times nothing. What we did find is that the 5 line machines do appear to have better payout odds, but some of the twenty line online casino games are hitting big jackpots.

Microgaming online casinos do have the best overall payouts and are highly recommended. When progressives are high they tend to payout more and other games do better, so my advise is to watch then progressives are high and play those games to see if you can build up your cash. Imagine if you actually hit the jackpot that would be a pretty nice payout itself plus you would have a nice amount in your account so that you could go crazy on the machines if you wanted to. Overall pay outs are figured by a random generator and they are triggered to go off at a certain time. No one knows exactly how it works but basically it is determined by the amount of coin and coin out. What we mean by that is each bet counts whether there is a win on it or not. Some many bets are places and each wager is considered coin in, what the game pays even if it did not give you back your full bet is figured in the coin out. So if you have to have million coins in to pay out a jackpot that does not mean you actually put a million in the machine as not ever bet is a losing bet. Some give twice your money back and some just give back close to bet or a little less. When it is close to paying out but not quite there it would probably be the worst machine you have ever played but that is due to it being close to paying something very large. The big build up for the massive win, just hope your on it when it finally let’s loose.