Slots and Casino Payouts

At most online casino slots have one of the best online casino payouts. Some of the casino slots have very high jackpots which can be won. What we have noticed is that it happens in winning streaks, you give for awhile then you will win and sometimes very high casino payouts.

Microgaming online casinos have some of the best slots with many features, the bonus round and free slots casino spins are a added bonus to increase your chances of higher casino payouts.  Players have become millionaires by playing some of the progressive slots. So if you want to play at online casinos with the best online casino payouts visit I like slots when playing online as they do seem to do better than other games, probably since they are played the most. I have experienced a good run playing them for must of been almost 24 hours straight, it was hard to leave when my money kept going on and when I finished I was at 165k. What a experience that was getting such a massive win. That is when it is real fun and sure I could have got scared and quit playing when I was up a few thousand and still been a winner but when you have that feeling to go for it then you just continue until you get the feeling it is time to quit. Which is what I did, actually had it up to 170k but losing 5 was not a big deal and told me ok now is the time to stop playing. These kinds of payouts are not going to happen everyday but they do happen now and then where players are will hit one win after another. Trick is to keep moving around and playing different slots as one dies go to another until you find none paying anymore.